The Traveling Fab Five’s Favorite Travel Gadgets & Gear

It’s that time of year again, between the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and holiday parties we are always on the go. We have tested out of our share of travel gadgets and some have won over our traveling hearts and some have not. So this year we have put together our must have travel list of all our favorite travel items and gear and we can’t wait to share them with you!



First lets start with luggage! Our favorite luggage is by American Tourister, we love the Disney prints which are always easy to find in airport baggage claim. We love how these roll smoothly as we run through the airport to get to our gate in time. They have a ton of pockets and the 28″ is quite large, it holds all of our family of five’s clothes for short trip.


Our next must have item is luggage straps. I am an over packer for sure, and this little gadget gives me the travel security and peace of mind I need to ensure my luggage wont burst open on the runway. I like how inexpensive they are and how they come in every color imaginable. I also love how I can use them to strap luggage together (again over packing at it’s finest!).


While most people travel with neck pillows, I am a full pillow kind of gal. Those fancy neck pillows just don’t do me any justice when traveling, especially when traveling in the car! My head and neck need full support but instead of carrying around a huge pillow. This travel pillow is the perfect compact cushion for my noggin. I have also found it to be the best pillow for my kids when traveling because it is small enough for their little heads too.


The next item is not only our favorite tumbler to travel with, but a daily must have in our family. It’s a YETI stainless steel insulated tumbler. This baby beats out all other travel tumblers in my opinion. It keeps our drinks ice-cold all day long. I have tested out a fair share of tumblers and I always come back to my YETI. They are a bit pricey but they go on sale often and trust me, they are worth every penny!



Now, let’s talk sleeping arrangements. As you know, we are a family of five and most hotels only accommodate four people so we purchased a Regalo My Cot which is a portable toddler bed. It folds up to be the size of a camping chair and comes with a fitted sheet and a carrying case. If you are traveling with little ones, this toddler bed has saved us from squishing together into a tiny full size bed. Some airlines will even not charge you to fly with it since it looks like a portable crib when it is folded up (and those fly free!). I like to pack toddler sized bedding for it too since it is a cot and could use the extra bedding for comfort.


Speaking of travel with little ones, I always seem to be potty training (those dreaded words still send a chill down my spine!) one of our kiddos every time our family takes a cross-country trip. Rest stop bathrooms are not built for our their little bottoms. I found this handy-dandy folding potty seat which is worth its weight in gold. A quick tip for littles that are scared of automatic toilets is to carry post-it notes with you and place a piece on the sensor until your little one is finished their business. Just make sure to remove it before exiting the bathroom!


When taking a long car ride or road trip a good backseat organizer is a must. I love this Munchkin backseat organizer because it has plenty of pockets for toys, books, snacks and cups. Some pockets are deep enough to fit a few larger heavier items. They also sell some fancier backseat organizers that have a place to store an iPad so that children can watch a show or movie or even store it when they are not using it. A clean backseat equals a happy mom!

DE36A559-54CD-4F9D-AD30-3BB5CF6E1D53I mentioned my favorite travel tumbler, now it’s time to tell you about my kids favorite travel cup! Snackeez Jr is a snack and drink cup all in one. It holds a small snack in the top of the cup. Then you can unscrew the lid and the bottom of the cup holds your drink. I love this cup for traveling because we do not have a ton of cup holders in our car so this cup is a great space saver! They come in cute designs and even Disney prints.



As you may already know, we have a kiddo that has sensory issues and that can sometimes make traveling a bit more challenging. We love these Snug noise canceling headphones because they fold up nicely and can be easily thrown in a purse or bag. They come in 9 different colors and are my kiddos favorite for those sensory overload situations. They have also come in handy for movie theaters, concerts, loud parades and firework shows.


My last must-have item comes in handy when traveling on business or for a special occasion. This URPOWER garment steamer is portable and heats up fast! A travel steamer was a must-have travel item for my husband when he was traveling for residency interviews. It includes a small travel pouch which is small and great for packing into a suitcase or carry on. Trust me you will thank me when you show up to that wedding or interview wrinkle free! You’re Welcome!

So there you have it folks, those are some of our must have gadgets and gear. Feel free to comment below and let us know what your favorite travel items are or if you have one of the products above a try!

Happy Travelin’

Disclaimer: This article is based on my opinions and is not affiliated or being endorsed by any of the products or companies listed above. 

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