The Traveling Fab Five hosts a Disney Kids Family Vacation Party

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Besides traveling my next favorite hobby is party planning! I love to plan, decorate and host events. Who doesn’t love hosting a good party, am I right?!? Especially parties that are Disney themed. This past spring I was selected to host a Disney Kids Party for Walt Disney World. The theme of this party was a Family Vacation Party. It was to show our family and friends how much fun Disney Kid vacations can be at Walt Disney World. This was a dream come true for me since Disney runs through my veins and our favorite place to travel is to… you guessed it, Walt Disney World!!! The event was held at my home in South Carolina and I had the pleasure of inviting all my Disney loving family and friends.

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You are probably wondering how do you get chosen to host an event like this. First off, I have no idea how Disney selects people to host. That being said, your first step is to head on over to Ripple Street (also known as House Party) and sign up (it’s free!) to host events for brands like Disney. Once selected to host, you will be able to complete brand activities to help you get picked to host other events in the future. So what are you waiting for go sign up and start hosting your next sponsored event!

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Prior to the event the Walt Disney World Company sent a party pack planning box to my house. Inside the party pack, to my surprise was an American Tourister Sofia the First suitcase filled with a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, Mickey Mouse gift bags, coloring activity books, sunglasses, and all sorts of Disney decorations! My kiddos were over the moon with this Magic Mail. We couldn’t wait to share all of these treats with our family and friends.


The morning of the party fell on the same day as my husbands graduation from Medical School. Yayy, Congrats babe!! With that being said, most of my party prep had been done the night before! As our guests began arriving at our house they were greeted by Mickey Mouse and our autograph book. Even though the characters could not make it to our event we made sure to get their autograph’s ahead of time. Once our guests signed the autograph book they grabbed a pair of Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears and joined in on the fun.

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Our guests then headed on over to our very own Disney inspired photo booth where our guests could try on different Mickey, Minnie and other Disney character hats, headbands, and sashes. Say Cheese!

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Once all of our guests had arrived we handed out lanyards for everyone to wear with Disney pins (from Disney Parks, purchased on our last trip) on them and we pin traded with each other. This is one of our favorite things to do in the Walt Disney World Parks so it was important for us to show our guests how much fun it can be to trade with one another. In the Parks we love to seek out cast members that have pin trading lanyards or boards!

After pin trading was over we had our guests find 25 hidden Mickey’s that were carefully placed throughout our home. My family and I love how Disney Imagineers hide Hidden Mickey’s throughout the Walt Disney World property. It is so fun to try to find them all! When our guests had found all the hidden Mickey’s they received a special surprise… Mickey candy bracelets! Yum!

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My favorite part of the day was when we took our guests on a virtual tour of Main Street U.S.A. and stopped at our favorite shops and restaurants to try our favorite Disney Park foods. First stop Main Street Confectionery for some Mickey shaped rice crispy treats and delicious Mickey inspired baked goods. Next stop was a popcorn cart for buttery popcorn that melts in your mouth. We then headed on over to Casey’s Corner for hot diggity dogs. Our guests could choose what special toppings they wanted to put on their hot dogs such as cole slaw, pulled pork and the creamiest mac n cheese! All of these special treats sure made my guests thirsty so it was a good thing we had plenty of Jungle Juice for them to enjoy!

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Before our guests packed up and headed home we gave them goodie bags filled with all the treats that the Walt Disney World company had sent over in our party pack. The kids loved that they got to take home a piece of the magic from this special day. My family and I had a blast hosting the Disney Kids Family Vacation Party for Walt Disney World company. We loved sharing our love of the Disney Parks and magic with our friends and family. Stay tuned for more hosted party events!

Happy Travelin’


Disclaimer: This party was sponsored by Ripple Street and the Walt Disney World Company. The only materials provided for the party were those given in the Party Pack we received. All opinions are my own and were not otherwise compensated for. 



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