What’s in my Disney Water Parks Bag!

Since Summer is here! (Yay!!) We love the Walt Disney World Water Parks and try to go to the water parks at least once a month. The Disney water theme parks are our favorite because they have plenty of water attractions for everyone in our family, and if you’re a land lover like me, no worries there are plenty of chairs and loungers to soak up that Florida sun! Plus, the Disney water parks are by far the cleanest water parks I have ever been to which, is always an added bonus. So let’s dive right on in and check out whats in my Disney water parks bag…

Sunscreen– Living in the Sunshine State I never leave home without sunscreen. You can never pack too much when traveling to Florida in my opinion. It’s better to be safe, than sorry!

Disney Parks face masks purchased at Disney Springs

Face Masks– I like to carry extra ones for each of us when we travel. Especially since Florida is so hot and humid it is so nice to change your mask mid day. My favorite ones are the Disney Park masks these can be purchased at any store on park grounds, at any Disney hotel on property, at Disney Springs, or online at shop Disney.

Hand Sanitizer– Disney has done a wonderful job of keeping the hand sanitizer stations accessable around the parks. It feels like everywhere you turn there is a hand sanitizer station. However, I like to pack my own travel size bottle.

Reusuable water bottle– I can not stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated especially during the summer months. You can refill your water bottle with ice and water for FREE, at any soda fountain refill station around the waterpark.

Towels– I prefer to bring my own towels from home. However, if you are staying on property you can always bring towels from the resort. Towels are also available to rent at both Disney water parks for a small fee.

Flushable wipes– I will forewarn you that the water parks use very cheap toilet paper… and what two things don’t mix well cheap toilet paper and wet bodies. So take it from me if you have kids and you don’t want to deal with toilet paper sticking to their behinds all day bring the flushable wipes.

Waterproof phone case from ShopDisney.com

Waterproof phone case– Best purchase I have ever made! Need I say more…. I mean really, this wonderful plastic case keeps my phone safe and I get to capture the magic of our water park adventures and share them with you. I picked up this beauty on shopDisney.com a few years back.

Portable phone charger– Since I spend all day taking photos, my phone won’t hold a charge for very long. So that’s when this beauty comes in handy and saves the day, so I highly recommend picking one up. If you forget to grab one before hitting the parks no worries, Disney has you covered, because they also sell them in the parks!

Wet/dry bag– Since it is a water park I suggest putting anything you don’t want getting wet into one of these wet/dry bags. I picked up one in the Target Dollar Spot a few summers back and it has come in handy ever since.

Shampoo/conditioner/soap– One of my favorite things about the Disney water parks is that they offer changing rooms and showers. They do have an all in one soap/shampoo in the showers however, it is very generic so I do recommend bringing your own supplies from home. I love that they offer changing rooms and showers because we have a two hour drive home and this means after a long hot and sandy day at the water parks we get to rinse off and change into clean fresh clothes before heading home. To take this one step further, bring a brush, and a blow dryer…. you’re welcome!

Mickey Ice Cream Bars
(a wonderful park sweet treat to help you cool off from that summer heat!)

Snacks– You can never pack too many snacks in my opinion! The more the better…and if you run out, no worries! Disney has you covered, because guess what they have the best snacks.. HELLO, have you tried their Mickey Ice Cream Bars they are AMAZING!!

Water shoes– Normally I am not one to promote water shoes because I think they are not the cutest shoes in the world. However, the sand on the beaches at the waterparks are so incredibly hot especially when that sun has been beating down on them all day and same goes for the pavement. I will say that Disney does a pretty good job of attempting to keep the pavement cool and has installed sprinklers throughout the water park especially on long stretched of pavement so it does not get to hot for your feet. But it doesn’t hit every square inch of the park. So buy the ugly shoes, your feet will thank you!

My Disney Water Park Bag purchased at Disney Springs

So there you have it folks, I can’t wait to hear what magical things you pack in your Disney Water Parks Bag! For those who are asking my park bag came from Walt Disney World. I love it! It also makes a great carry on bag for plane trips! If you are looking for other Disney packing tips be sure to check out, What’s in my Disney Park Bag. Also, comment below with your favorite water park packing tips!

Happy Travelin’

Disclaimer: This article is based on my opinions and is not affiliated or being endorsed by Walt Disney World or any other Disney company.

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