Our Summer Bucket List

Just like Olaf, I’m at my happiest in the summer! It must be that summer sun!☀️Lucky for us we moved to the Sunshine State and are blessed with 265 days of summer a year, haha just kidding (it’s actually probably more than that! 😉) Looking for ideas when little voices are whining they’re bored? My kiddos and I have put together a list of our favorite things to do in the summer. Enjoy!

1. Go to the Beach

2. Enjoy a day at the pool

3. Eat ice cream for dinner… this is my favorite summer activity!

4. Meet up with friends at the playground

5. Go for a family bike ride

6. Go mini golfing

7. Go see a movie -we love to check out the $1 movie’s that play at our local theater on select days

8. Have a water balloon fight

9. Roast marshmallows & make s’mores

10. Go camping -since our kiddos are “glampers” we like to camp in our living room

11. Check out your local Children’s Museum or Science Museum

12. Have an PJ day and watch old movies

13. Have a picnic

14. Go for a hike

15. Go to a water park -our favorite water parks are Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park near Orlando, FL check out our review of Disney’s H2O Glow Nights a special ticket event on select nights this summer.

16. Make slime

17. Go roller skating

18. Read a book-check out your local library and bookstores for summer reading programs.

19. Make play dough

20. Have a dance party

21. Have a family game night- our family favorites are Bingo & the game of Life

22. Play flashlight tag

23. Go bowling

24. Have a lemonade stand

25. Take a road trip- If you are looking for Road Trip tips, be sure to check out our article 8 Fabulous Tips for Surviving Road Trips with Kids!

I hope you enjoyed our list and I can’t wait to hear what your favorite things to do in the summer are! Be sure to comment below! Just remember sunshine is the best medicine! Happy summer! ☀️

Happy Travelin’

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